Finally got to work with Lina Nyberg after several months of failed starts on my part due to my unpredictable work schedule. I was originally meant to shoot a wedding in Brighton with Lina for the following weekend but unfortunately couldn’t make it. Lina was awesome enough to let me come along and help to photograph Brigid and Kit’s beautiful wedding day.

groom and best man getting ready for wedding photography

groom getting ready for wedding photography

The wedding was up in London so it was a long day, but this wedding was so much fun that I was still buzzing for quite some time after getting home near midnight.

Brighton Wedding photographer getting ready

getting ready by brighton photographer leon steber

Brighton Photographer groomsmen pictures

Brighton Wedding Photography

We arrived at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel late morning. While Lina took care of the Bridal party preparation photos I got to hang out and shoot photos of Kit and his best men. Neck ties were tied, jackets were donned and then it was off to the pub for a quick pint before the wedding formalities began. Kit, Stephen, Charles and Greg were all so great at making me feel welcome, I really appreciated it. In fact all the wedding guests were so lovely to both Lina and I, it makes such a big difference to the day.

Brigid and Kit Brighton Wedding Photography

London Wedding Photography by Brighton photographer

arm around shoulders wedding photos

photos by Brighton Wedding Photographer

Groom at Wedding Photograph

Once all the guests arrived we hopped aboard an old red Routemaster bus for the trip to the church. I’d like to say I remember the name of the bus, but I don’t. It was probably something like “Winston” and it was actually its final bus trip before being retired from the work force that evening. It was a great way for friends and families to mingle before the ceremony. There were also many familiar Aussie accents, much of Brigid’s family had travelled a long way for the big day.

Wedding Photography of london transport bus

Brigid and Kit London Wedding Photography

wedding bus photographer details

wedding bus photography details

Photography of wedding guests

Brighton Wedding Photography of tour bus in london

The wedding ceremony was at the beautiful Saint Mary’s Catholic Church in Clapham.

bridal photos by brighton Wedding Photographer

Brighton wedding

Brighton Wedding Photography walk down the aisle

Brighton Wedding Photographer

photograph of bouquet at wedding

The Kiss Wedding Photography

Bridal Photography

Wedding guest photos

Afterwards we all jumped on the bus again for drinks and a tour through Hyde Park, Albert Bridge and Knightsbridge.

Wedding Photography Brighton

Brighton Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography by Brighton Photography

Brighton Wedding Photography

The wedding reception was held in the hotel’s conservatory, a wonderful room with palm trees and windows all over.

Brigid and Kit London Wedding Photography

Brigid and Kit London Wedding Photography

Brigid and Kit London Wedding Photography

Wedding cake photos

Wedding photographs of Brigid

Brighton Wedding Reception photography

A fire alarm paused the proceedings for a few minutes with the entire hotel being evacuated into the parking lot. No problem, the fun resumed with cake cutting followed by dancing late into the evening.

Wedding Photography Brighton of cake cutting

Brighton Wedding Photography details

Brighton Wedding photographer of Brigid and Kit

Brighton wedding photographer photos of dancing

Brigid and Kit London Wedding Photos by sussex photographer

Wedding Photography of dancing

Sussex Wedding Photography of dancing

Kit ordering drinks at his wedding by Brighton Wedding Photographer

Thanks Brigid and Kit and families for making Lina and myself so welcome and looked after – it was a wonderful day and a lot of fun. Hope you all enjoy the wedding photos.

Wedding Photography details of cupcakes

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